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1st Time Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in serving with Cherry Street Mission Ministries. Our goal is to connect your passion with your purpose here at Cherry Street.

If you are still considering if Cherry Street is a good place for you to donate your time, we invite you to watch “Thinking About Volunteering At Cherry Street?” found here or below.

  • Your first step is to Register as a Volunteer. Watch a how-to Video here.
  • After watching the video, click the Cervis button below and register.
  • To better help you select the best fit for you from our many Volunteer opportunities you can watch this video here.
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Returning Volunteers

Thanks for volunteering again!

  • Once you have created a profile, you can find the many volunteer opportunities by logging in to Cervis.
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  • Please view our orientation video here and also found below. The videos have helpful hints, safety tips, and basic guidelines we ask all volunteers to follow.

Volunteer Opportunities at Cherry Street

How To Sign Up as a New Volunteer at Cherry Street

Thinking about volunteering at Cherry Street?

Initial training for serving in the Mac Street Café