The COVID-19 response from Cherry Street Mission Ministries

In short, volunteers are needed. We can’t provide basic needs without volunteers. During this time where every media outlet is putting new information out to the public every hour, and while we are focused on COVID-19, this is just any other day for Cherry Street. We have made it through the HIV scare in the 80s, the Hepatitis A outbreak 2 years ago and we will handle this COVID-19 pandemic similarly. It’s just a Friday for us. We must remember that we are an essential ministry who cares for medically fragile people every hour of every day.

If you have questions, please call me or email me. Anyone on our staff will be happy to talk to you or show you what is being done to address the needs of the community.

As media coverage of the COVID-19 increases, Cherry Street continues to take steps to help ensure the health and safety of our community. Disease management, safety protocols and risk mitigation are a part of the everyday at Cherry Street. Those experiencing homelessness or living in poverty are the most vulnerable in our communities. Cherry Street is diligently protecting those served in our facilities with care and dignity.

Cherry Street’s staff are exceptional and already utilize healthy practices for preventing the spread of disease and viruses. Led by the facilities team, Cherry Street is using strategies that have proven useful and are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. This includes the frequent disinfection of hard surfaces and high traffic areas. Additionally, we always have multiple hand sanitizing stations, tissues, hand soap, and face masks.

Poverty and homelessness carries its own kind of stigma and ostracization. Fear and ignorance of catching COVID-19 from those at Cherry Street further the stigma. Stigmatized groups may be subjected to:

Social avoidance or rejection
Denials of healthcare, education, housing or employment
Physical violence.
Stigma affects the emotional or mental health of stigmatized groups and the communities they live in. Stopping stigma is important to making communities and community members resilient (CDC:

During this time, volunteers are needed. In our food service opportunities to use gloves and other sanitation protocols are adhered to. It is crucial the care and provision to those served at Cherry Street continues uninterrupted as it has since 1947. During this time, volunteer opportunities will primarily focus on basic services. This includes services that allow us to meet the essential needs of our guests such as providing meals and emergency shelter.

Our goal is to minimize the potential spread of all infectious diseases and to protect our staff, guests, volunteers, and ministry partners. The safety of all is very important to us. Cherry Street will continue to monitor the situation and respond accordingly. We’re taking all precautionary measures, but we still continue to go out every day to love and care for our neighbors. Our shelter remain open for meals and emergency shelter. Please pray for our teams, and for the individuals that we serve.

Founded in 1947, Cherry Street Mission Ministries provides basic needs, housing solutions, and opportunities for transformation and redemption through plan development. Cherry Street is privately funded and does not receive government funding.