Bonni's Story

“If you have the will and put the work in you can take some big steps forward,” said Bonni. “And people notice too. They pay attention when they see you putting in the effort.”

Having been in the Army, she is no stranger to hard work. Bonni was a guest of Cherry Street for less than 60 days before she was ready to move into a stable life.

Bonni says just the location of Cherry Street is a benefit to people who are looking to get back into an independent life. “You’ve got all the services you need within walking distance or a quick bus ride. I needed my birth certificate and Cherry Street helped me out within 24 hours. From there I was able to move on with my life and all the things that I had to get an order.”

In the short time Bonni stayed at Cherry Street, she participated in small group and Bible study. She also used her time to help tutor others who were pursuing their high school equivalency exams. It is that attention to relationships that makes the difference in how Cherry Street serves the community. Most people who come to Cherry Street are living in poverty by not having house, live in poverty by not having enough food to eat. But they also live in poverty of relationships. Not having relationships has not allowed them to have a place to live or people to share a meal with.

Cherry Street stands in that temporary relationship while people like Bonni get their life back in order. Your support of Cherry Street allows for someone to move at their own pace towards a stable life when you make a donation today.