X's Story

“I’ve taken Bible study classes. We’ve had group sessions with our group leaders. I have learned quite a bit about the Christian belief, the religion and the relationship with Jesus, while being in here”, said Corey. His faith has grown. “I was rocky . . . but, yes, I believe. My knowledge on it has expanded since I’ve been here”, Corey continues.

Corey had always planned to make a new start when he was released from prison. This new start may have worked out better than he hoped. He has gotten married and completed vocational training while staying at Cherry Street. “Don’t give up on the people that stay down here. There are people down here that need the help. There are good people down here. Yes, there are people that you might still be weary of, but this is what it’s about. Support coming in is going to a good cause. It’s going to help people. For some of these people – that’s saving our lives,” Corey said.

His hope for a new start is bookended by the trouble he sees in the lives of others. “I’ve seen amazing people down here. I’ve seen people struggle, and some worse than that, as well. I’ve also seen people succeed. Other people are still on that path of destruction. Some people have passed [away], since I’ve been here,” he said. Corey’s positive attitude remains unfettered nonetheless. Corey continued, “So, I really am thankful for anything that I have left. Because I know things have gotten really tough out here. I know that they struggled to keep it going moneywise, to keep the place afloat. The fact that they still came through and still kept this place going is amazing. I really, really, really am thankful for that. I’m really thankful for all the partners who still keep places like this going and still believe in people down here.”