Hope & A Future Proposal

The Need

Life can be hard across Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Many neighbors struggle with deep poverty, caught in a downward cycle of jobs that don’t pay the rent and bills, keep food on the table, or provide hope for the future.  It is no secret that our region has it’s share of economic problems.

Friends like you, concerned about your community, see the challenge of caring for neighbors in need. Because people we encounter today need more than just a meal and a place to stay, they crave the conversations at Cherry Street, which lead to real life revitalization through recovery programs and vocational training that lead toward productive, independent lives!

For your neighbors in need seeking to start over, as a community- we can’t say no to their need—but it will take help like yours to provide scholarship opportunities at Cherry Street.

The Opportunity

With your support, Cherry Street is committed to providing meals, help, and hope for all who come needing the tools to rebuild relationships and reestablish their ability to earn a living.

To accomplish that, it’s critical that those enrolling in our workforce development programs receive sponsorships covering their instruction, books, class room materials, meals, shelter, and other essentials.

Cherry Street’s current tracks that point the way to in-demand jobs in the Toledo area are:

  • Call Center Trainingteaching technology foundations, keyboarding, PC basics, word processing, problem solving, conflict resolution, and additional skills that can translate into many other professions.
  • Welding Training—Teaching welding safety, welding basics, reading blueprints, advanced mathematics, quality practices and measurement, manufacturing production and maintenance awareness
  • Machine Tool and Die Training—teaching usage of CAD/CAM designs, tools, dies, gauges and other fixtures, metal stampings, manufacturing production, maintenance, quality control and safety.
  • Production Technician Training—teaching how to perform safety and environmental inspections, identify unsafe conditions, set production goals, basic electrical and hydraulic and pneumatic systems, lubrication processes, bearings and coupling and belts and chain drives

Our immersive career training works toward the ultimate goal of each individual mastering their new career skills and gaining relational sustainability between themselves, God, and others.

The Solution

Your generosity today will have a direct impact on the people who desire a better life and the greater community.  Not only meeting physical needs, but also helping rebuild the lives and families of those seeking lasting change through Cherry Street’s key vocational training. Your gift will help provide the solution to homelessness, hunger, and poverty—one life at a time! Thank you for your gift and prayers as we enter into a new session of the workforce development program.