X's Story

Kacie came to Toledo on the promise of love. Turns out, she was duped.

After a few days of some good times, Kacie was abandoned by her ‘boyfriend’. She found herself alone in Toledo, hundreds of miles away from home, without any money and without any way to get home. “He promised me,” Kacie said. “He promised he wouldn’t do me wrong.” Kacie had a ticket home from Amtrak but the ‘boyfriend’ couldn’t (or wouldn’t) take her to the train station.

Missing the train home, Kacie was stuck. With nowhere to turn, no person to help; Kacie came to Cherry Street. “I came here because I was hungry,” said Kacie. “But you all have helped me way more than that.”

As a matter of common practice, advocates at Cherry Street introduce themselves to any new face. Through the opening conversation, Kacie shared her story with staff. That’s when staff swung into action!

First, the ministry team got Kacie a nutritious meal and some basic hygiene items. Then after a few calls, they got Amtrak to honor Kacie’s unused ticket from the day before. Kacie’s sister was contacted and agreed to pick Kacie up at the station in St. Louis Missouri. Next, Kacie spent her first and only night in the Sparrow’s Nest, safe and surrounded by caring people. While she stayed with Cherry Street, Kacie and staff prayed together. By evening time mentors and counselors discussed with Kacie the poverty in her life that lead her to be so desperate for love that she decided to leave her three children, three states away. The next morning, Cherry Street staff got Kacie on the train home.

In our short time together, Kacie may have not seen the true results of her decisions, but the staff and volunteers at Cherry Street know that a mustard seed just might have been planted.