Kary Jo's Story

Our Head Chef, Kary Jo, talks about the power of God and how small requests can make a BIG difference:

“On Saturday, the 11th of February we were preparing dinner. For the life of me I cannot remember what it was. What I do remember is that I really wanted it to contain bell peppers – only we didn’t have any.

I recall myself just saying a little prayer, ‘God, I’d really like some bell peppers’. That’s all it was.

Maybe ten minutes later I started walking toward the [office], and I saw a man in there talking to [a staff member]. I walk in and say hello, only to find out that this man just walked in the back door, said he had $200 to spend at Costco, and wanted to know what we needed. Of course I asked for bell peppers!

Since that Saturday, we’ve been getting bell peppers donated pretty regularly. We haven’t gone without since that day. God is Good!”