Ken's Story

Ten years – That’s how long Ken has volunteered with Cherry Street Mission Ministries. What started as serving a meal once a month turned into leading weekly Bible studies.

Ken started volunteering at Cherry Street with his church serving meals the first Friday of every month. While serving dinner one night, Ken felt led to share with the men and women about his faith. Feeling compelled to share more; he started coming more and more often.

Serving once a month quickly turned into serving once a week. Weekly Bible studies became the norm for Ken. Ken would type up notes for the men to keep and refer back to. If they needed a Bible, he would run out and purchase one for them. On the inside cover he would write their name and write given to you from the Holy Spirit.

One night during Bible study a man came in and had planned to stab someone that night. The power of God fell and the man was touched by the Holy Spirit and it changed him. Ken said that God filled the man with love and he left that night with joy in his heart.

Ken’s greatest memory has been meeting with the men here and doing Bible study with them. He’s met a lot of wonderful people during his time serving at Cherry Street Mission Ministries. He’s also learned a lot from the guest, staff and the people he has served alongside with.

The best advice Ken would give to anyone who wants to come and serve is to come with a humble heart and learn names; learning the names of others shows that you care. You’ll get more out of it than you give. Ken says God does wonderful things in our lives if we ask him. As a person lives, people come and go. God is the only One always there.