Lanise's Story

Lanise grew up in a loving family with strong Christian values; Seven brothers and two sisters, all raised right. But life was not easy growing up in Compton, CA. Lanise lost her way, falling into a life of adultery, drugs, and despair. She sought help with family in Atlanta, but an opportunity for immediate recovery brought her to Toledo. She overcame her reliance on crack cocaine, cigarettes, and alcohol. “god spared my life even though I was disobedient,” said Lanise. She came to Cherry Street for refuge as she sought to regain her own life. “I believe in prayer . . . prayer changes everything,” Lanise continued. Every day she meditates on the Word of God, and seeks God’s forgiveness every day. Lanise revitalized her life, finding her own apartment and job, and completing her reconnection to a full life.

Cherry Street is a refuge to many and your support is vital. You can help today when you make a donation toward transforming a life like Lanise’s.”