Lawrence's Story

There’s isolation at the holidays. For those who have lost everything, including close relationships, Thanksgiving is a reminder of hunger, loneliness, and homelessness that much worse. What if you’re alone like Lawrence, who not only faced physical poverty, but also a poverty of relationships that left him with nobody left to turn to for a meal, for help, or for hope. In fact, as he sat down to a nutritious plate of food and much-needed conversation at Cherry Street he said, “I had no idea how to be homeless, of how people look down on you. I mean, I was born here, raised right down the street!” Yet when Lawrence lost everything, God led him through the doors of Cherry Street.

Surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday, Cherry Street will serve more than 43,000 meals to meet immediate physical needs of neighbors like Lawrence, and start the conversations and relationships that lead to life revitalization. We serve a big, hearty Thanksgiving meal—with all the trimmings. Those meals led to the provision of safe housing, Christ-centered programs, and practical job training to help people break out of poverty and move forward with a new life.

“I want to shake your hand and thank you for everything you’re doing here!” Lawrence smiled. Lawrence has that hope in his heart now, and he’s on his way to an independent future: “Cherry Street is a stepping stone. You don’t have to be here for the long term—you can use the prayers and services they provide and improve,” continued Lawrence. “That’s what they want for you here, so you won’t be in this situation forever!”

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