Linda's Story

And for those experiencing physical poverty, Easter isn’t a celebration. It’s about hunger . . . loss . . . feeling hopeless. As Linda, a guest who almost wound up on the streets, told me, “I was scared.” It was “outrageous!”

Like so many others, Linda told me, “I have deep trouble with depression and anxiety.” And after being the sole care giver for her aging parents, she lost them both and admits, “I was trying, but I was just barely living. I had a place and was doing everything to make the rent, but there was too much going out, and not enough coming in. I was trying to hold it together, but I was falling apart.”

“I don’t know what a lot of people like me would do without this,” she shakes her head. “Where would we be without your help—out on the streets . . . dying . . . This is just a blessing: you have so much to offer, you really do!”