Mark's Story

“You never really think how you might end up—you never see yourself on the other side. I have a Master’s degree in education from Eastern Michigan and played basketball for four years. I was the director of a community center . . . Then I moved into our old family house, and within two weeks, it caught on fire. I didn’t even have any clothes,” he shakes his head at the memory. “I’d lost everything.”

But the fire and its aftermath brought everything crashing down, leaving him homeless, unable to work, and all alone, his broken body a mirror of the brokenness in his relationships. After his injuries—with no insurance on the house or himself, no family in the area, and no money saved—Mark ended up with no place to go.

But from that lowest point in his life, Mark came to the Life Revitalization Center—a community of friends for a hot meal, a safe, warm place to stay. And for the opportunity to start a new life . . . And for just $2.28, we can begin to address the hunger—physical, spiritual, and relational, encourage new life in Christ, and provide the tools men and women need to rebuild relationships and restore their lives through discipleship, mentoring, and practical job training.

When you support Cherry Street, you are making an impact in the lives of people like Mark. Help today.