Ralph's Story

Ralph would be the first to say he’s no spring chicken. He’d tell you he’s made mistakes and learned lessons the hard way.

Ralph had made it through 35 harsh winters on the streets, (except for the few he spent in prison) before he turned to Cherry Street for help. At 75, he’s making a fresh start.

“To me, Cherry Street is a very helpful place. If you are homeless, and you want to make a change, Cherry Street can help you. But you have got to be willing and ready to change.”

For the first time in decades, Ralph found good hot meals, clothing, and a warm, safe place to sleep. With his physical needs met, he became hungry for the Word of God. He joined the Ready for Life program and opened his heart to God’s transforming love.

“I’ve known my weaknesses for years, but I used to mask them. Now I admit them and have set boundaries to protect myself.”

Ralph says that the love of the staff, the classes, and Bible studies have helped him change the path he was on. He has learned God’s word. He’s learned how to budget his time and money too.

“My bills are paid. I have an apartment of my own now, and I’m clean. And I now have good relationships with my sons. God did that, and He used Cherry Street to do it! I wish I could tell donors how much their support is needed and wanted. And I can’t wait until I can give back.”

One of the ways he’s giving back already is by volunteering. Ralph started work on a floor in the Life Revitalization Center, and he’s going back to finish it.

Ralph is grateful that it’s never too late to change.

“I have been clean and been paying my bills for over five months now. I have an apartment, my utilities are on, I have a TV and furniture. So, I’m all set! And I sure am grateful.”

Stories like Ralph’s are made possible because of the grace of God and people like you.