Randall's Story

Even in the midst of the joy and hope, just a few days ago over the holiday season, Cherry Street saw many men and women still coming to Cherry Street. They will continue to come through the new year into the deep winter. They arrive hungry for a meal—and also hungry for a change in their life.

Like many, Randall is a local senior who had been living in poverty and was close to the edge. Randall lost his home when the landlord sold the building, putting him out on the street with only two bags of clothes to call his own. “This is the first time in my life I’ve ever been homeless,” he says.

Gratefully he says, “I’ll never forget this place or the help you’ve given me.” And for a man who once felt completely isolated and alone, he is so thankful for the opportunities and resources available at Cherry Street. “I consider you my friends.”

We echo his thanks for the compassion and care the community has shown to those served at Cherry Street. Your support allows us to reach more neighbors in need and who are hungry for more than mere food. Make a donation online today.

As always, you are encouraged to schedule a tour or call if you have questions.