Sherri's Story

When Sherri first came to Cherry Street she called her case worker practically everyday begging, “Get me out of here!”

She was surrounded by people praying for her, sharing their love of God with her and wanting to help her.

Sherri was used to being on her own and fending for herself. She’s been in sex trafficking and abusive relationships and found no value in herself.

While staying at the Sparrow’s Nest, Sherri had a heart attack. She had no one to turn to. She felt no one would know, (let alone care), if she was dead or alive. Instead, staff from Cherry Street came to see her in the hospital and prayed over her.

Sherri spent a lot of time turning away from Jesus but finally she was hearing Him calling her name.

Now you’ll find Sherri in a home of her own, in a relationship with Jesus, shopping around for a home church, listening to Bible studies on the radio, and regularly returning to Cherry Street to mentor other women.

Thank you for your support of people like Sherri!