Two Paychecks Away From Homeless

Like many in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, Joseph was about one to two paychecks away from homeless. He lost his job when the business he’d hoped to retire from was bought out by another company in which they brought in their own people.

No stranger to hard work, he worked since he was 17. Prior to that he was active in Boy Scouts, and he played football in high school. “I was good!” he says of his football career which included a place on an all-city team his junior year. His work history proves he’s a hard working man who has held a few long-term positions for more than forty years. Now, just a few years from retirement, he’s looking for work again, hoping to find something to see him through until he can get Social Security.

His year-long stay at Cherry Street is his second visit. “They helped me get a job when I was here a few years ago,” he says with thankfulness for the help he received. Tough times have indeed brought back a lot of anxiety for Joseph. He has a depressed immune system and is having some anxiety about COVID-19.

He’s also suffered a number of personal losses through the years as numerous family members have died including a step-son he helped raise.  Joseph is really a man all alone. “Heartbreaking,” he says of those losses. With no family in the area, Cherry Street provides important support when there’s nobody else to turn to.

“To donors, I’d say, please give. Cherry has helped me. If I had money, I’d give.” Hopefully he can act on that once he gets a job and his own place again.  If you would like to help someone like Joseph, who is hungry for caring people, you can do so by donating today.