X's Story

X does not want to have people know who she is.

She has to move within 45 days or her rent is going up by 33%. She is leaving her abusive relationship. She is getting ready to celebrate a birthday. She is going through a lot of change. Nevertheless, X was hungry for more.

X saw a change in her friend’s life. “I saw her whole life change” and X wanted the same change in her life. “I watched her pull up in her new car, moving into a new place, and handling all kinds of new adventures.” X wanted to satiate that hunger- she wanted what her friend had, “It’s her confidence. She knows she has a career and she doesn’t live in a distracted state,” said X.

“When I asked her what was different she told me, ‘Go to Cherry Street. Do the work. Go to the classes. They didn’t just help me get a job. They changed my life.’ “, said X.

X reminds herself and others to remember the importance to give back, whether by monetary support or through volunteering. “I plan to be back!”, said X.