COVID 19 from the perspective of a guest

COVID 19 from the perspective of a guest

A guest, who wants to be known as Nathan, recently reflected on the pandemic. Nathan said,  “We are all taking precautions. We are all washing our hands. People are sanitizing more. People [Cherry Street] are keeping us safe arm length distance.”

Most guests are sharing their appreciation for the tightened practices.  “The procedures that places are taking; like Cherry Street; I’m glad of that too. I’m glad for the security purposes, checking in and keeping out anyone who may have been exposed to it [the virus]. You are not letting them interact with us. Security has been really good,” said Nathan.

Nathan is appreciative of how meals are now being served. He hopes after the pandemic the calm at Cherry Street continues. Nathan is handling the stay-at-home orders much like everyone else. Before he would go to the movies. Now that they are closed, he is choosing to go for a walk instead.

Nathan has noticed in himself another positive while living under Stay-At-Home orders at Cherry Street. “I’m so used to being so antisocial in the shelter.  But since I’ve had to deal with people way more than ever lately.  That has helped boost my esteem and confidence way more,” said Nathan.

“There is some good in this. I normally don’t say that about any kind of crisis. But this one has given people time to do things they normally wouldn’t be able to do. Spending it with their family- knowing their families. It’s kind of like going to the old school way of doing things before technology.”

Nathan has a way of making people feel at ease with his calm demeanor Nathan’s word of encouragement is not to fear. “This too shall pass. Everything that is pain has passed already.”

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