A veteran found housing after a stay at Cherry Street

A veteran found housing after a stay at Cherry Street

Bonni is an Army veteran.  She’s found CSMM to be helpful in many ways. “It’s kind of like a hub,” she says of the Life Revitalization Center. “It’s a hub for employment, the VA, the court system. You can walk to everything. You can eat. You can sleep.”

In addition, with group meetings, everyone can learn from each other. “You can sit and talk about how we’re doing things. Someone else can hear how you’re doing something and I can ask them how they’re doing it.”

Part of sharing resources is dealing with obstacles. “We discuss obstacles in the groups. The person facilitating will address needs. For example, I needed a birth certificate and they had the solution – boom! Then asked, ‘What else you need?’”

“One thing I can say, somebody helped me set up a court date. CSMM really came through for me on that.” As one who likes to help, Bonni enjoys being able to offer help as well as receive it.  “Being here at CSMM, it is not a bed of roses. But it’s ok. You got to have enough will to want to help yourself. Once you help yourself, other people kick in immediately and ask, ‘What can we do for you?’ I love the advocates. The new way is good.”

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