Call Center graduate takes leadership career path due to skills she learned at Cherry Street

Call Center graduate takes leadership career path due to skills she learned at Cherry Street

Margie was excited to go through the Call Center classes at the Life Revitalization Center. She had a friend who had taken the classes who had landed a job before she even graduated. Margie was sure that would be her story too. But God had another plan.

Margie’s journey has been full of ups and downs, wins and losses. It led her from addiction to health, from life on her own to the women in Covered International. From there to CSMM where she found support and guidance for her next steps.

“Covered was a huge help to me. And getting connected with CSMM. They (her Covered sisters) were all at my graduation. They were so supportive. That was the first huge step for me, because I always started things and never finished them.”

When asked what she loves about CSMM, Margie has a lot to say!

“I guess just the people and the environment. It is humbling. It is the workers – how much they care. Even after I graduated, they still reached out to me. It made me realize that if I felt alone I know I can come here – the ministry is the people who are here for the people. I just thought that Cherry Street was a homeless center for men. I didn’t know how much you actually do for people. That was encouraging. It gave me faith and hope and made me really love the program. It is more than giving people meals. It is giving people hope. It is like being stuck and having nobody. You want to get out of a situation, If you don’t have anybody, it is huge to know that someone is there for you.”

That sense of belonging kept Margie going when the expected job she’d trained for didn’t come through.

“After I graduated, I didn’t find a job at call center right away. I was kind of discouraged. It was just crazy how a lot of doors were closing, but I actually had accomplished something, I graduated. But nothing was coming out of it. But then I would come down here and feel blessed. Something is going to come out of this. I can’t give up.”

Those closed doors were all part of the process. God’s process. “I love my job now. I am a team lead, I run the shift, I have a lot of responsibilities, but honestly half of the stuff I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for the classes at CSMM. I wouldn’t have known the stuff I now use. Everything that I learned at CSMM has stuck with me so much.”

Another way her connection to CSMM helped Margie was in giving her confidence to share her story. “It is OK to tell my story. I can give hope to others. I’m not just like a failure. All the struggle had a purpose. For a long time I let fear dominate me. I am learning to fight fear with faith, now. I am no longer ashamed. I can tell it to everyone what God has done. The only people who relapsed into drugs that I knew, had no faith. Those of us with faith and with God did not relapse. If I can share that story I will be glad to do that. I want there to be beauty out of the struggle – the darkness. I fought hard, I came a long way, I am proud for that to be known.”

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