Corporations support through volunteering

Corporations support through volunteering

“We decided to volunteer at Cherry St., Mission because our desire was to be able to help someone with not just a meal but to offer a smile and a simple hello. After all, that may be their only meal or conversation of hope and they got it from you.  I can find no better way for a business to serve the community than to serve a meal FOR them!”

Scott Goodwin, SSOE

“Giving back, serving dinner, or donating our time is such a small thing. But we as a country can do so much more, by coming together, and not turning our faces away from the less fortunate in our communities. Just seeing the smiles on their faces warms my heart, and that’s thanks enough. Let’s come together in our community and make a difference. Big or small, it all adds up.”

Alisa Garza, Department of Developmental Disabilities

“In Rotary we believe in Service Above Self. Our commitment to Cherry Street has given us the opportunity to fulfill our duty to serve others in our community. We find tremendous value in the Mission and work being done by Cherry Street and come away with gratitude each and every time we work to serve the needs of the residents.”

Jennifer Kiernan, Board for The Rotary Club of Maumee

“E.S. Wagner Company serves breakfast at the Life Revitalization Center on a regular basis and I would encourage any local business to take the opportunity to volunteer at Cherry Street Mission Ministries.  Not only will your volunteerism provide a much needed service for one of the most important and impactful organizations in this region, but I promise that the shared experience of providing a meal and a kind word to someone in need will deeply affect those who serve.”

John C. Wagner, E.S. Wagner Co.

“We really want to do more than just donate or send money. We want to volunteer our time to get more of a personal connection out of it. I am so happy that we can make a small difference in the lives of the people who live in the Toledo community.”

Bridget Schoen, Penske
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