Catfished and kicked out to finding her way at Cherry Street

Catfished and kicked out to finding her way at Cherry Street

Being catfished changed Danielle’s life in many negative ways. “You’re not the happy person you used to be,” someone close to her observed. She agrees. “Being catfished took my joy and drained my finances. I lost my car too.”

Now Danielle is trying to find herself and her joy again. While ultimately that means having a car and an apartment, for today it means finding herself, getting close to God again, and learning to trust people again.

It also means taking a bus to work where she says, “my co-workers are super protective of me.” And that is a good feeling! Riding the bus, then walking the rest of the way helps in other ways too. “I use my walk to work as prayer time. It helps me not be afraid when I’m walking alone, especially at night.”

When you’ve been hurt through something like catfishing where a person has learned what buttons to push, trust takes a while. “When I first came to CSMM, I was scared to death. I was away from my family; isolated.” But slowly, Danielle has found some good support at CSMM and she is taking small steps to rebuild her life. She’s learned some hard but valuable lessons as well and she’s working to get her life back.

According to David McClellan at the site, if you suspect you’re a victim, first verify this (can be done on the site). Then call the police. They may be able to track the person. Follow their advice which will probably include removing all your information, blocking anyone you don’t know, and reporting what has happened on the sites where you’ve had problems. After this, be very cautious about responding to invitations and messages to prevent it from happening again.

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