Grover has been a guest at Cherry Street Mission during the Covid-19 lockdown. He had made the most of his time here by blessing other guests with his unfailing patience and encouragement.  Grover’s training from his grandfather and his experience as an outdoorsman and a survivalist have taught him gratitude and the ability to learn from his mistakes.  One could overhear him telling another guest, “Don’t just get up and dust yourself off—if it don’t work that way, think of a way it will work. Don’t repeat your mistakes; then you know you’re moving forward.”

Covid-19 put a huge roadblock in front of Grover’s plans for a place of his own, but he has even made the lockdown a blessing.  When other guests get discouraged or frustrated, he challenges them to think about where they are better off—outside not knowing where they’re going to get their next meal and where they are going to lay their head at night—or here at Cherry Street where staff stand ready to help with those needs and others. As he says, “We’re family while we’re here; we got to make it through.” Grover knows that he’s not going to win everybody, but “one or two, it’s worthwhile.” Grover has moved out and now has a home of his own.  Cherry Street staff are grateful for Grover while he was a guest. He reminded everyone that yes, we are family, and family look out for each other. Thanks, Grover.

People like Grover recognize others who are Hungry For Direction and Hungry For Safety. When you support Cherry Street Mission Ministries you are not only feeding someone for the day through the provision of a meal. You are Feeding Futures for those who seek stability and safety during the pandemic and the uncertain times yet ahead.

Thank you for helping to make a change in the life of Grover.  If you would like to help someone like Grover, who is hungry for change, you can do so by donating today.