Letter from Ann Ebbert

In these days of struggle, it’s easy to see the deep feelings that many of us have. To be pulled one way and another by emotion and our heavy hearts. And, it’s good to “feel all those feels”. God’s depth of intolerance for injustice is built into our image. It’s right and just to be horrified by innocent death and it’s appropriate to be disturbed by violence and destruction.

This is why we are hungry for change at Cherry Street. The kind of change that comes from living in a society that is made right by eliminating the stumbling blocks that many people must climb over. Also, the kind of change that comes from exposing people to fact that they can choose the life of freedom that can be lived in the Kingdom. The individuals that we have the honor to work beside every day in our ministry are bridging the gap between a system that breeds inequality to accessing resources and change in their lives. They are developing the tools to enter a new life, better prepared to navigate the road ahead. We strive to make not only their navigation clearer, but also to make the path; that each person has to navigate; smoother by intersecting with our community and systems in an effort to enact real lasting change. As a part of Cherry Street, you labor alongside us to make the high places low and the low places high.

I long for a day where our community has full freedom to live out their gifts and full freedom to live independently. Through God and The Word, may it be so.