How do you define Success? Here at Cherry Street Mission we define it as a person-a guest we will call Jeff.  Jeff has a huge, giving heart. He learned the art of giving early in life from his loving mother. After she suffered a devastating stroke, he lovingly cared for her. Thanks to his mother, Jeff was raised as a Christian, was baptized, confirmed, and born again. He knows that he has pushed away many good, positive influences in his life; he recognizes that he has made poor choices in his past. But more importantly, Jeff knows that those bad decisions do not dictate who he is. He believes that “Everyone has one God-given ability, and that ability is to change for the better and to be better than the day before.” That is what he has been doing while a guest at Cherry Street Mission-changing for the better. Jeff has a short and long term goal that he will achieve—to see his beloved mother, and his much loved girlfriend who died suddenly, in Heaven. He knows that he has not led a perfect life, but, as he says, “I do what I need to do to ensure that I will meet them in Heaven.”  Changing, goal-setting, working toward those goals—that gives Jeff and the staff at Cherry Street Mission a lot to cheer about. And we are.