Board chair Don Smucker will be vacating his spot after 16 years of service.  Taking over the chairperson position will be Josh Rochon.  They have had a decades long friendship.  As Don departs and Josh takes over the role, they were asked to each reflect on the other person.

Reminiscing, Don has so many good memories over the 16 years he has served the Cherry Street board. “I think one of the most outstanding things that has been impressed on me; that I will miss the most; is truly seeing God’s hands at work in real time. When there is a need within the ministry; if we as a board and as a ministry have relied on God to provide and ask Him to provide and giving Him credit for His provision; God has been faithful at every turn- to honor those requests and to over provide our expectations”, Don shared.

Don is secure in the next leader on the board saying, “I have known Josh from his teenage years . . .  I know foundationally he is a very solid Christian.”  Following the vision that God has cast is a task Josh is well suited for according to Don. “One of the things I’ve learned about Josh over the years is that he takes ideas, thoughts and input from others.  Then he tries to anticipate what is needed in advance. He listens to the Lord for insight and waits for the spiritual leading to motivate and guide him,” said Don.

As Josh took on the role of vice-chair Don had been mentoring him along the way. Josh explained Don’s leadership style as a help to him personally and to the community.  “[Don] is extremely generous to people and always looking to help and serve people,’ said Josh. “I’ve seen him mentor people professionally and in his service at Cherry Street”.  Josh continued to share his admiration,” I am so grateful and thankful for our friendship. Grateful for a relationship together. I am thankful for the time he has spent with me. I do feel like there are big shoes to fill. Don has brought a lot of experience and expertise. And I really appreciate his spiritual leadership.”

The community can look forward to a continuance in the service to those who are the most vulnerable.  Josh laid out three items he is excited about at Cherry Street. “I think this is an exciting time. I look at the way we are delivering our services and I think that we are number one in the great privilege of the being able to stand on the shoulders of those who have stood before us. We can reach higher and we can do more because of the foundation that has been laid for us. Secondly, the vision has been cast and now we get to do to the work. I’m so grateful and thankful for a loyal community who has rallied around us and bought into the vision and the mission of Cherry Street. Third and certainly not least, I’m m so proud of our staff too. They bring a wealth of professionalism with great expertise.”

Cherry Street wishes to thank both men for their considerable time and passion through the years.