A startling vision at Cherry Street Mission Ministries is how many how many medically fragile people are residents at Cherry Street. These are the people who are most likely to catch COVID-19 and have major complications due to the virus.

Edward is a young, healthy male resident.  He sees the elderly and the ill guests who stay at Cherry Street.  These guests have him concerned. “Now see that’s what I’m worried about. I am in a room with a lot of the older man. They are more likely to get sick or hurt.”

He goes on to say, “I love it here at the LRC [Life Revitalization Center]. You guys are absolutely doing 300% what is supposed to be getting done to keep us safe”. Indeed there aren’t perfect ways to keep everyone safe all the time. Cherry Street is following best practices provided by the Centers For Disease Control.  “I see how you all are cleaning, disinfecting and providing masks to keep us as safe as you can.  It’s awesome”, says Edward.

Working with other agencies and connecting residents with resources like nursing facilities, Veteran Affairs, Area Office On Aging and Neighborhood Properties Inc is one of the many ways Cherry Street strives towards fast-tracking some of those who are physically compromised or with delicate health out of Cherry Street and into a facility that will be able to better attend to their needs. Those who are medically fragile truly are Hungry For Direction and Hungry For Safety. When you support Cherry Street Mission Ministries you are not only feeding someone for the day through the provision of a meal. You are Feeding Futures for those who seek stability and safety during the pandemic and the uncertain times yet ahead.

You can make a change in the life of the medically fragile by donating today.