Willie’s advice to others and his younger self is profound for those who are in their own despair or in their own aloneness. He understands that you can still feel alone even if you are surrounded by lots of other people. He says. “Find things to do that make you feel better. Know how to do things and take care of yourself. If you can find something to do you can help others that need help. No way is blocked. I come too far from where I started, nobody told me that the road would be easy but I come too far just to turn around.” Willie likes to quote the old spirituals. He went on to say, “It explains that this earthly world is not our home. It is only temporary. Our forever has yet to come.”

People who encounter Willie discover that he loves to sing. He does it loud and proud. It is obvious to all that the Spirit is in him as he is raising his voice up in praise. “I feel the Spirit upon me. That’s why I sing with the tune and everything.”

He always has a smile and a chuckle to share. “I’ll tell you why I’m [at Cherry Street]. I’m here because during the day it gives me purpose. I get up in the morning and I come to stay and be safe. I don’t have to be bothered by bad people. I’m telling you. It’s not lonely. We can look around and watch the people. There’s always something to do,” says Willie.

Willie has been walking this path for a while. Willie wishes he could go back in time and tell himself to take better care of himself. He wishes he could be more positive back then.

“God has been with me. God has been walking with me. Teaching me. Showing me which way to go. And to think positive and to get a good understanding and to learn how to take heed. Man will let you down. And a man will fail. But God will put a human in front of you to lift you up too,” proclaimed Willie.

While Willie is staying at Cherry Street he has a safe place to stay as he moves toward an independent life.  Your support to Cherry Street allows for the needs of a man like Willie to be met.  You can make a difference in the life like Willie’s; being a human who can lift another up, by making your donation today.