He’s outa here! And that is the best thing that has happened to Joe since he came to live at Cherry Street Mission two years ago. On November 1, Joe will move into his new apartment. But he will have lots to remember us by as he settles in. Besides the items in the gift box that he will take with him, Joe will redeem his Cherry Street points for additional things he needs in his new home. One important addition will be a clock radio so he can listen to the music that he loves.

Joe is very tuned in to the limitations of institutional living—he is most excited to use his own bathroom and take a shower without having to stand in line. Most of us take this for granted, but for Joe it is a mark of independence. Chili will be on his menu as he exercises his love of cooking in his own kitchen.

Through all he has experiences these past several years, Joe has preserved optimism and a sense of humor. He even believes that Covid has had some positive impact on Cherry Street Mission–the residents are eating better, and the houses are quieter.

Joe, we could not be happier for you. Thanks for telling us your story and for telling us that Cherry Street Mission has done everything for you.  Seeing you succeed is everything for us.