Recently, we got to speak with a wonderful woman named Jeannie. She came to us on behalf of wonderful friend and donor to Cherry Street who had passed away, Verna.

Jeannie had worked for Verna many years ago and from that relationship it blossomed into a lifelong friendship. Verna served as Jeannie’s mentor throughout her career and later considered Jeannie the daughter she never had. Jeannie says Verna was always a quiet thoughtful giver. She was always generous with her time and with sharing her wisdom. And now after her passing, Jeannie was caring out a legacy of generosity on behalf of her late friend.

Reflecting, Jeannie thinks Verna would really appreciate the Cherry Street of today. She would have loved the use of personal development plan strategies with guests and workforce development programming. In her life Verna was always a woman thinking and planning ahead for the future.

Immaculate with her word, Verna told Jeannie she had been interviewing nursing homes, so she was prepared for the time she chose to leave the house she and her husband had built together. Jeannie thought it was especially poignant that Verna chose the word “choose” to leave rather than have to leave. This is why she included Cherry Street in her end of life plans. When Verna and Jeannie would talk about life’s troubles Verna would ask, “Jeannie dear heart, what are you going to do about that”? Jeannie thinks Verna would appreciate the problem solving and working solutions Verna would see at Cherry Street and at work in the lives of those served at Cherry Street.

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