Real Story - Tom

Tom has been at Cherry Street for under a year. Much of his stay at Cherry Street has been while under “stay-at-home” orders from the governor due to COVID-19. Tom says if he could go back in time, he would tell himself to slow down so he could hurry up now. In the slowing down that COVID has created Tom thinks it has worked to his advantage. “Patience really is a virtue. I slowed down and all the steps that I needed to take to find a place of my own have been falling in place,” said Tom.  He moved out two weeks after he received the keys to his apartment. That time and patience also allowed him to use vouchers he earned while a guest at Cherry Street towards items he needed at Goodwill. He arranged transporting for the furniture and household items to his new apartment. Cherry Street made him up a box of food and hygiene items to see him through. Tom’s next goal is to get a vehicle. “If I wore a pedometer that would be a scary number,” he jokes. Tom says he is a comedian but only part-time. He is friends with everyone and goes out of his way to make people laugh.

Donations to Cherry Street have allowed someone like Tom to find an independent life. Out of the chaos he was able to find safety and dignity at Cherry Street. During a pandemic Tom remained safe and not only got the basics of food clothing and shelter, but also got back on his feet. His independent life and the keys to his home are only possible because he arrived at Cherry Street Hungry For Change. You addressed that need through your continued support of Cherry Street. It is through those efforts that together we are Feeding Futures.