Who doesn’t love a success story? Here at Cherry Street Mission Ministries, they are our reward, and we revel in the achievements of our guests. Most recently we are rejoicing in Elaina’s new start. She has been at Cherry Street since April 2020, and now she is gone! She just moved into her own apartment, and in the fall, she will be a student in the nursing program at The University of Toledo. Woohoo!

Elaina believes that the resources that she learned about at Cherry Street and the help she received to navigate through the complexities of accessing them have been major factors in her journey back to the community outside our doors. She reports that staff have provided support she never would have found anywhere else, especially staff members Ernie and Alison. Cherry Street has become her safety net, her support system. She now has a new perspective on her abilities and possibilities; she knows that a fresh start is not just possible but is within her reach. Although Elaina has been a Christian her entire life, being at Cherry Street has strengthened her faith. With the help of staff and another resident, she has worked through painful issues that she had been struggling with.

Although Elaina may not say or realize it, her success also comes from a quiet inner strength, strength that she brought with her to Cherry Street and takes with her into a bright future. The ministry of Cherry Street has helped Elaina walk in that strength.

Although most of you will never know Elaina or any of the many guests and residents of this ministry, you play as large a role their success as any staff member. Staff is on the ground only to the extent that your gifts allow them to be there. Our guests, residents, and staff thank you from the bottom of their hearts for all that you do through your gifts and resources. You are the best!