Victor arrived at the door of Cherry Street without hope.

Victor arrived at the door of Cherry Street without hope.  His voice flat, his eyes glazed.  Victor talked about suicide.  Staff prayed with Victor.  Staff prayed for Victor.  As part of the Ready For Life program, Cherry Street got Victor connected to the appropriate services to help him and to support his mental health needs.  In a spark of inspiration (thank you Jesus for the idea!), the staff suggested to Victor the possibility of a service dog.  When a dog was first mentioned, it was the first time anyone had seen any life in his eyes.  Even though Victor is only going through the beginning paperwork- he has HOPE.  All it took was for someone to listen to him, to see him as Our Creator sees him, and to work the Ready for Life process.  Victor is Hungry for Hope.

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Amanda is Hungry for Hope

Amanda is Hungry for Hope.  Hope is an essential message at Cherry Street and was restored to Amanda with a renewed goal toward a stable life.

Amanda arrived at the Cherry Street door without options and low on hope.  She had her service dog and a bag of personal belongings.  In her time with us (during a pandemic, no less) she gained a fresh outlook and gained courage.

Cherry Street made it possible for Amanda to stay safe while she sorted things out.  She is now in a place of her own.  Gifts and supplies from the community allowed Cherry Street to provide Amanda food and household supplies to begin her renewed life.

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