Volunteerism Highlight

The Appold Learning Center, typically referred to as the Cherry Street Library, is located on the second floor of  the LRC and  is a beautifully classic picture of what a library should be with its richly colored wooden shelves and peaceful environment. The library is linked to the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, which means not only are the shelves stocked with an excellent variety of books, but the computers can access incredible information, databases and resources, just as if you were logging in at your local library.

Open mornings and afternoons every weekday, guests are able to step away from the bustling environment of  the cafe and spend some time browsing shelves, scrolling through personal and professional pursuits on the computer, or taking a moment to breathe. A volunteer or two-like  Sister  Nancy-sits  at  the desk and assists guests with computer questions, creates library guest passes, tidies up as necessary, and might even enjoy their own book. The library re­ mains quietly productive while providing physical and emotional rest to guests, making it a beloved spot in the building.

If you’d like to volunteer in the library, you can send a message to volunteer@cherrystreetmission.org to find a time that works for you.

Sister Nancy - a faithful library volunteer