Teamwork Made the Dream Possible

In early August, a generous donor, “Joyce,” contacted our discipleship manager, Stephanie Bays. She and her late husband have been long-time supporters of Cherry Street Mission Ministries. Her husband is recently deceased; she is relocating to Cape Coral, Florida. Wanting to honor her husband’s memory and make a difference in another’s life, she donated all her furnishings and household items to CSMM.

Stephanie, Discipleship Manager and Kimberly, Community Sustainability Coordinator met with Joyce and noticed that she had little help and her closing date of August 25 was fast approaching. CSMM Staff rallied to assist Joyce in packing the household items and delivering them to the Life Revitalization Center.

Program & Services reached out to Operations for assistance in moving the large furnishings from Joyce’s home to two of our graduates’ new homes. There was enough furniture for both grads—Ms. Tijuana Sibby-Brown and Mr. Mark Khoury! Both moved into local senior living communities in mid-August.

Joyce closed on her home and left for Cape Coral, Florida on Friday, August 26. She was happy to learn that her generous donations helped to provide comfort and joy to two of our Ready for Life graduates. We wish them well and ask for God’s blessings on their journey. Thanks to all involved!

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