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Leveraging The Conversation

Cherry Street is more than food, clothing and shelter. Our redemptive programming is built around one on one mentorship. We care more about who a person is, rather than what a person has become.

LeveragING the Meal

We are the only organization in our region to offer 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, free of charge to anyone who needs them. We provide nearly 900 meals to guests and members of the community in need every day.

Redeeming Lives

Cherry Street was founded on Biblical principles in 1947, and remains a Biblically-based, Christ centered organization today. Our Spiritual Advocates consist of both staff and volunteers that lead Bible studies daily and mentor our guests through their migration with Christ.

Leveraging Education

Over 60,000 people over the age of 25 do not obtain a GED in Lucas County. Cherry Street is working with several educational partners to provide free GED and Job Readiness classes to both guests of Cherry Street and residents of the community.

Leveraging Partnership

The Hope House Family Program is a partnership between Cherry Street and local churches and ministries. Hope Houses are designed to minister to families with a holistic approach, and provide families with a structured program while living in a safe, alcohol and drug-free transitional home.