Cherry Street celebrates 75 Year Anniversary!

Cherry Street celebrates 75 Year Anniversary!

In 1947, Jessie and Bertha Fleck founded Cherry Street Mission Ministries, their calling was to provide people in need with sustenance for the body and nourishment for the soul. Named for its location on Cherry Street in Toledo, the mission provided meals, housing, and the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the poor and homeless.

The Flecks, who should have been enjoying their retirement, instead focused on the needs of others. They sold their home and moved into the shelter. At first they provided only sandwiches. But soon grew to offer a place to sleep at night too. The original beds used at Cherry Street were a donation from BGSU dormitories.

Cherry Street Mission Ministries (CSMM) has served those experiencing homelessness or poverty in their life. The doors are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide food, clothing, shelter, and other vital services including: work force development training, resource networking, access to services and program assistance.

Throughout 2022, Cherry Street will pause to remember the past 75 years.  The year will be dotted with sharing memories, fostering fresh conversations and; of course; celebrations! Please accept our open invitation to join the revelries.

From Our Kitchen To Yours-  As an institution known for food, Cherry Street will be releasing some of our crowd pleasing recipes scaled down to serve less.  Recipes from the National Day of Soup Challenge can be found here.  The publication can purchased from the organization in October 2022.  It’s a fun gift for the cook in your life and for those who are looking for unique ways to break the cycle of poverty.

For 75 years, Cherry Street Mission Ministries has served individuals who are hungry and experiencing homelessness in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.  Community members come to Cherry Street who need a bed, safety and maybe a special meal this holiday season.  Community members come to Cherry Street who are Hungry:  Hungry for Change, Hungry for a Career, Hungry for Success, Hungry for Direction.  Working together we can address the needs of those who are hungry and together we can start Feeding Futures.  Cherry Street will continue to care for the most vulnerable in the community and care for people living in poverty. Donations and the wish list can be viewed on the website: