Pillar of Hope | Monthly Partnership Makes a Difference

As a monthly or frequent donor, we call you a Pillar of Hope. You are the vital foundation of our ability to better budget and plan how we will serve our community. Each faithful gift demonstrates your agreement in Feeding Futures. Investment from people like you makes it possible for trust and consistency to be built in the lives of your brothers and sisters who are Hungry For Change.

By investing each month in the lives of those living in poverty, you making change possible through our key focus areas:

  1. Education : GED Tutoring, Skilled Trades, Computer Skills, Foundation Learning
  2. Housing: Collaborative Solutions, Emergency Solutions, Permanent Solutions, Transitional Housing
  3. Basic Needs: Meals at the MacStreet Cafe, Emergency Shelter, Clothing, Spiritual Care
  4. Leaving Poverty Behind: Household Budgeting, Temporary Employment, Life Skills, Job Readiness, Support Groups
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Support groups offer guests the motivation, support, and structure they need to succeed in their goal plans and make concrete steps out of poverty a reality.
The 2021 Spring Graduates of the Office Specialist Training course graduated with a certificate from Northwest State Community College and are ready for a steady job and secure future.
Eric and Cindy Johnson of Oregon, Ohio are faithful monthly partners and volunteers that make the mission of Cherry Street possible. You can join them in making a difference.

“Why I Give”

Eric and Cindy give monthly because their faith instructs them to care consistently for their poor and vulnerable neighbors. When they toured the facility and started volunteering, they were so excited to find out that Cherry Street offered so much more than just care for basic needs. Cindy has an education background and was so encouraged to learn about all the educational and workforce opportunities available to the guests at Cherry Street that would support them in their journey out of poverty.

If making a consistent impact and leaving a legacy motivates you, or if your faith challenges you—like it does for Eric and Cindy—to give and make a difference, join the Pillar of Hope team by starting a monthly donation that will have a compounding impact over the months and years to come.

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People come to Cherry Street Mission Ministries for help to make it through emergency situations. Cherry Street is here for those basic needs in emergencies. AND Cherry Street is also where individuals from the community come because they are hungry to change their lives. It means connecting with one of our collaborating partners for mental health care, better employment, education, safer housing and a continuum of care.

Your monthly partnership provides uninterrupted giving toward ending poverty and transforming lives by:

  • Providing consistent wrap around support to guest
  • Providing comprehensive service options under one roof in a holistic ecosystem
  • Addressing basic needs individuals have in emergency situations
  • Supporting life changing programs such as skills training, education and plan development, and workforce development
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The guests at Cherry Street are cared for with compassion, grace, and a specific goal plan tailored to meet their needs and build their future.

Thank you for providing hope and making a difference.

Workforce Development courses offer students tangible steps out of poverty and into jobs with living wages and benefits.