Real Stories: Rick's Story

Rick is called “Pops” by the other men at Cherry Street.

Rick laughed when he explained why they call him that.

“Cuz I’m old”, he says.

He was raised in Wyoming and used to work on the oil fields there. In all his jobs and in all his life; he has never had much need to learn how to read.
Rick says he managed just fine without needing that skill.

But since he has been at Cherry Street, he has been meeting with a Cherry Street volunteer, working on literacy. During a Bible study, he had questions about The Word. Those questions and a desire to go deeper for himself, inspired him to learn to read.

“I know about God. I know about Jesus. Even though I can’t read the Bible. That’s the main reasons why I got into reading; so I could read the Bible,” said Rick.

Supporters have been making it possible for Cherry Street to provide Rick with a safe place to sleep, nutritious meals, skills to get ready for life, spiritual growth, and personal coaching.

A story like Rick’s is not just a meal and a bed.

It’s about Rick as a human being and reaching his full potential.

Cherry Street stands with Rick in that journey.

Support Rick and others in their journey to reaching their full potential.

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