Real Stories: Teresa's Story

Teresa remembers the pain her mother’s addiction caused. It was destroying her family.

Teresa’s mother went to several rehab facilities but couldn’t shake her addiction. Ready to give up, her mother called Cherry Street Mission Ministries.

"She entered [our program] right away. We couldn't see her or talk to her for 30 days. We prayed a lot during that time." 

After six months, her mom was given the gift of a fresh start. She was changed as God worked on her heart and mind.

Dedicated to recovery, her mother was offered a full time job at Cherry Street.

Years later, Teresa was working at a factory when a position came open at Cherry Street. She wasn’t considering it, “But God had other plans and He put me here for His own reasons.”

Teresa came to us because of the transformation she saw in her mother’s life. She is now the supervisor of the Sparrow’s Nest - our women’s shelter.

Miraculously, it’s the very same job her mother held.

Teresa is known for her ability to keep it real. She uses her mom’s story to help guests.

“I always pray…and I ask God to show me what I’m supposed to say. Sometimes I think I’m going to go one way and He has me go a whole other direction.”

Because of your support, we are able to help guests like Teresa’s mother.

Give now to allow Teresa and others like her to have important conversations with guests that lead to lasting transformation.

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