Humble Beginnings

Jessie and Bertha Fleck founded Cherry Street Mission Ministries in 1947, their calling was to provide people in need with sustenance for the body and nourishment for the soul. Named for its location on Cherry Street in Toledo, the mission provided meals, housing, and the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the poor and homeless.

A Wide Footprint

Cherry Street serves those living in poverty throughout our region. As the largest entity acting as a homeless shelter, Cherry street has been here of the community for generations. Within those years, our focus has expanded beyond basic needs, like food and shelter; to plan development and a continuum of care. Similarly, our area of responsibility has expanded to include more rural counties and areas outside of the central city. Simply put, poverty occurs all across northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

Hungry for Change

Cherry Street Mission Ministries is moving beyond the basics. Those served at Cherry Street need a meal, a bed, AND are still hungry. They are Hungry for Change, Hungry for Direction, Hungry for a Career, or Hungry for Success. Cherry Street has created a unique economy to incentivize personal development and positive movement forward toward stability.

Doing More Together

Cherry Street Mission Ministries is a central city, under one roof, a holistic ecosystem designed with integral and strategic partnerships to address the needs of your community. A winning component to the success of others is removing common barriers. Bringing collaborators into the same space is a net positive for those living in poverty and the collaborators.