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Ready For Life

As part of the continuum of care, the Ready for Life program provides guests with the life skills training that will complement their jobs skills training and education. Ready for Life prepares both men and women to return to their communities through spiritual transformation and practical skills development. Ready for Life offers individualized advocacy including referrals to other agencies for medical, substance abuse, and mental health assessments and/or care that Cherry Street cannot provide.

Plan Development

Part of the Cherry Street Mission Ministry philosophy involves providing multifaceted methods to restore the soul, spirit and relationships of those who have lost hope. As Christ has done, Cherry Street looks for partners to provide best-in-class services and to show redemption. Cherry Street staff offer an opportunity for residential and community guests to be on a personalized development plan. The plans are developed by the individual and layered with many opportunities for engagement through services and the partnering collaborations. These plans will help to increase the sustainable impact for lives and generations to come.

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Access To Services

Once guests are welcomed to Cherry Street and begin to feel stabilized after receiving food and shelter, they can begin to think about their futures. We step into the reality of our guests and walk with them as they start their path to life revitalization through one of our many vocational and educational programs. Our goal for all guests is for them to return home to live life independently and with dignity. Cherry Street programs are customized and no two paths will be identical.

Cherry Street staff helps community members and guests to navigate any personal issues they may have, assist in connecting with resources and collaborators, gaining on the job training, work force development, accessing medical care and mental health counseling, working toward spiritual healing, and so much more.

Cherry Street’s continuum of care is centered on healing, stabilizing, and transforming the whole person. Guests will not be successful in life if they do not have a strong foundation for success, which includes small groups, peer-to-peer mentorship, coaching, tutoring, access to services and skills development.