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Stay up to date, and discover how your support changes lives. Read our guests’ stories and you may discover that the homeless aren’t exactly who you thought they were. They are Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers. They are Aunts, Uncles, Grandfathers, and Grandmothers. They are Daughters and Sons. They are Young, Old, High-School Dropouts and College Students. They are Veterans,  who served our country. They are from every race and every walk of life.

They arrived at Cherry Street, hopeless and homeless, sometimes through circumstances most of us can’t imagine, but often for reasons we can imagine all too well. An extended illness that racks up insurmountable debt. A sudden cutback at work that leaves them jobless without warning. The loss of a spouse or child that rocks their world off its foundation. Thanks to Cherry Street donors and volunteers, they have the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

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